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Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous have championed the theory for many years that spirituality is key to recovering, and for millions of people that approach has led to happy and sober lives.

Here are other steps a person can take while moving toward a drink-free life.

He doesn't want children either, so he would expect me to give up having a family anyway.

It took me FOREVER (cuz Im still trying to get it) that when they are a dry drunk they are still the same as an active Alcholic....

I wasn't ready to date then head straightened out in Alanon and met a wonderful respectful supportive guy.

Some people truly experience sobriety as a kind of death and have to accept the loss and learn and grow from the experience before they can move on.

It can be a challenge, but it's not insurmountable.

We are going to talk about this tomorrow, and I was wondering if you think that I am being selfish?

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