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As we — and Jack — learned in this episode, the connection between Ben and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) wasn’t just restricted to the notes in a treble clef; they used to date when Rebecca was 19 years old. I don’t know how much you know about this Jack and Rebecca relationship, but the fans are known on occasion to have a somewhat passionate opinion about them. I’ve heard that fans are extraordinarily supportive and loyal to that couple, and I completely understand it and empathize with them. So, Have you talked with Jon Huertas [a.k.a Miguel] about forming a support group for the men who play Rebecca’s past or future romantic partners? The writing’s amazing, the acting’s amazing, so I had a lot of respect for it. And I was told a fair amount by one of the writers, but this was way back in October, so they were still figuring things out. Rebecca and Ben do some passionate singing together on Etta James’ “Bring it on Home to Me” with lyrics like “If you ever change your mind about leavin’/leavin’ me behind/Oh, oh, bring it to me/ Bring your sweet lovin’.” There’s some meaning to be read into that about the past, if you want to.

Enter this restricted area — which is guarded by dogs, barbed wire, and lasers — at your own risk. What was your first reaction when you were asked to join the show, and how much of Ben’s story were you told at the time? If it doesn’t work, we’ll cut it.” And I was like, “Yes! Then she came in and she sat and watched me, which was slightly nerve-wracking, but I somehow pulled it off. We shot it the next day, and they played the track, and you sing over it, and it was so fun.

(See: Early fan reaction to Miguel, Jack’s best friend who’s been married to Rebecca for an indeterminate period of time.) The latest man to venture bravely into hallowed territory is Ben, Rebecca’s old bandmate who reappeared in last week’s episode. I just think this show is one of the highest-quality shows being written out there. We got to look at each other while we were singing — it was a total blast.

A., to talk to him about his Congratulations on completing season four. This year a lot of the cast had already gone off to their respective countries. There are definitely people on the show that like to have a good time. I don’t wanna speak out of turn, but they probably wouldn’t mind. We’re going to find out what price you pay when you shape-shift. There’s a lot of mess that Tommy has already created that I have to clean up, and there’s potentially a lot more mess. Sam will always have a real connection with Sookie, and he’ll always love her.

[.] Me, one of the writers, [Alexander] Skarsgard, and [Ryan] Kwanten — we’re not shy of doing shots, let’s put it that way. How bummed were you that the show didn’t get any Emmy nominations this year? You’d do plays, and when you’re done, you go out and meet friends. I was studying semiotics and, like, a lot of French twentieth-century philosophy, deconstructionism: Jacques Derrida, Foucault.

Radcliffe stars as Nate Foster, an agent who goes undercover and joins a white supremacist group trying to build a dirty bomb.

Collette will co-star as Foster’s colleague, a veteran FBI agent, while Letts and Trammell are the bad guys: Letts has been cast as a leader in the neo-Nazi movement and Trammell’s role is an otherwise apparently normal dad who recruits young people to their cause.

I don’t know how it came across, or if people are going to start thinking I’m an operator. Do you view Ben as an obstacle for Jack and Rebecca’s marriage? And the thing about it is, it’s probably a new thing for that marriage. For Rebecca, there is nothing going on between me and her, so I could understand why she wouldn’t tell him because it just creates tension that doesn’t need to be there, you know I mean?

Or is it more that he represents a musical road not followed by Rebecca, as Dan [Fogelman, the show’s creator] has indicated? I’m definitely a conduit for Rebecca’s musical dreams and ambitions, for sure.

Music had been part of my life growing up, so my agent asked if I would sing, and I said, “I just don’t sing,” because I was scared about taking that on. I worked with the composer who lowered the key of it to fit with my voice register.

But is their connection stronger than just a musical one? It might not even be malicious on Ben’s part, or maybe not even something that Ben is willing to admit to himself. Ben’s a human being, Rebecca is beautiful and very talented, and that song is a sexy song. It starts off very much like, “Join the band, help us out because we’re floundering,” she helps out, we start doing really well.

How much of that, if any, was designed to get under Jack’s skin? ” It’s a lot harder than that when you have a family. .] If we’re at a five, it goes to between seven and ten.