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Who is george clooney dating 2016

Some people were skeptical about her dating George because there weren’t any photos of them together, and he’s an A-list celebrity.

She told , "I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future, I will be married.

After spending some quality time together, he invited her to the movie set and gave her a role in the movie starring Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, and Sam Rockwell. After they ended their relationship, she continued to act and even appeared in the hit TV series that “they went out for a minute.” Jennifer was introduced to him through a mutual friend, and that mutual friend was apparently Celine Balitran — who he dated for three years!

It’s possible that Jennifer broke the girl code when she dated her friend’s ex-boyfriend.

Because he had never taken any of his previous girlfriends before, people thought she could be “the one.” Unfortunately, she wasn’t. She moved back to Vegas after living with him in L. that Monika and George were flirting at London’s nightclub — holding hands and dancing.