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Who is danica dating

After two failed relationships, Patrick started another romantic relationship with NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

My new podcast is officially out and I can’t wait to hear what you think as I sit down with MLB star @AROD.

Join me as I sit down with chef and restaurateur @Marcus Cooks. Launching the Pretty Intense Podcast next Thursday August 22nd!!!!!! When people ask me what my favorite show has been so far, honestly, it’s…

With that said...morning I almost didn’t take @gabbyreece up on stopping by for a… In an effort to look my best, I lean Into the fitness part pretty hard. I wonder just how many times a queen song played in the fun van driving to all the go kart races?!!

I’m not one to use many vague cliche words to describe my feelings. Every person, every opportunity, every experience, every synchronicity to wink… If you want some thing above average your going to have to put in an above average effort. Thanks mom and dad for putting together a great night singing to our favorite band!

She did something different and chose to be a professional race driver. The lovebirds were also very open about their relationship to the media.

The racing industry is mostly dominated by the male and by accepting this career, Danica has proved that women are also able to get into any fields. However, in , their relationship ended, and they both walked their separate ways.

In fact, she actually grew up rooting for the team's rival, the Chicago Bears. "Aaron is a really good driver actually," Patrick said when asked who drives on dates.