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What to do when dating a commitment phobe

In earlier times when women didn't work, were not independent or self-sufficient, and were brought up with the sole aim of marrying, looking after the needs of their home and serving the husband, the issues of wanting something more from a relationship or the fear of getting into a relationship or having commitment issues may have never even made way into the thought process.

There are several commitment issues in women as well.

Does it seem a little weird that it's a she running away from commitment, rather than a he in the above instance?

You know how commitment phobia in relationships has always been celebrated as a male trait? Move over boys, the fear of commitment is a male dominated trait no longer.

Many of these factors are psychological in nature - several experiences that a woman has in her early and growing years have a deep impact on her psyche and determine her behavior patterns.

A person's childhood has a great impact on their behavior patterns.

Thus, she might subconsciously avoid committing to a person and giving any relationship a fair chance.

A bad relationship where a woman's partner has been abusive, violent, insulting or has cheated on her, and that has led to hurt and loss of self-esteem and pride, then she'll develop a deep-rooted fear of committing to any new relationship.

Similarly, if she has been dealing with these relationship issues in her early dating years and has had an equally bad fallout from them, she'll find it difficult to commit to anyone.