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The Slovak Republic is known for its high density of medieval castles and palaces.

The bridge was also voted “building of the century” in 2001.

Worth visiting are also the headquarters of the Slovak Radio – shaped like an inverted pyramid.

About one third of the territory, however, is covered by the Western Carpathians; its most important mountain ranges are the Little Carpathians on the Austrian border, the White Carpathians, the Greater and the Lesser Fatra and the Low Tatras and the Tatras (highest peaks are from 2400 m to 2686 m).

Most famous rivers are the River Moravia along the Austrian and the Czech border, the River Danube along the Austrian and Hungarian border and the River Ipel along the Hungarian border.

The biggest caves can be found in the Demänovská Valley - the Demänovská Ice Cave and the Demänovská Cave of Liberty.

The country’s most famous spa is Pieštany located in the western part of Slovakia.

One of the nine national parks is the “Slovak Paradise“.