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We went into a couple of the bars just to see what was happening and finally came to one that looked a little classier than the others.

The thoughts made me warm and damp so I finally got the nerve to lean over to my husband and whisper, "We're thousands of miles from home and you always said you don't mind if I flash a bit of skin for other guys. " He was instantly enthusiastic and asked me if I was sure I'd have the nerve.

I said that it would be really kinky and I had always had a secret desire to turn on a whole room full of men.

Although I have always been a free spirit my husband always enthusiastically supported anything sexual I did including my tendency to be an exhibitionist.

The leather mini also had buttons up the front and I had undone the bottom three buttons so the crotch of my thong showed whenever I twirled around or kicked high.

I did an enthusiastic dance and the crowd responded with loud applause.

A fellow from Canada who had been sitting in a seat right at the bar around the stage clapped and whistled the loudest.

The shyer dancers often only stripped down to a pair of panties.