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You can take a live view of this mysterious and old world online through the lens of our webcam, located in the most colorful place in Helsinki.

Latvia Lithuania Estonia Finland Denmark Sweden Norway Israel United States Japan Russia Switzerland Poland Germany Hungary Croatia France Italy Belgium Austria Czech Spain Slovakia Greece United Kingdom Mexico Netherlands Ireland Romania Argentina Canada Australia Turkey Bahamas Thailand Iran Iceland Brazil Portugal Egypt Bulgaria Vatican Cape Verde Iraq Chile Puerto Rico Vietnam Barbados Curaçao Dominican Republic Indonesia Scotland Morocco El Salvador Costa Rica Nicaragua Tanzania Serbia Ukraine Honduras Nepal South Africa Saudi Arabia India Republic of Singapore Taiwan Bosnia and Herzegovina Jamaica Madagaskar Seychelles Uruguay Cambodia Throughout its history that has started during the Swedish rule, the city has survived a handful of notable events.

Have a look at https://no/mer-info/webkamera.2au g18--Campbell Gillan, If you would, please read back , using the ' MORE ' button to the first comments. Maybe related ( a guess) : June 7 is not a public holiday in Norway but is the anniversary of when the union with Sweden was dissolved after almost 100 years.

Yes, I agree a little left , a little right, A zoom in here, a pull back there.

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Also, if you would view the 'photos' in this feeds library. Myself, am thrilled to witness images provided by out host. no ❤Lovely view which could be even more lovely ( and popular ) by turning the camera a few degrees to the right to the Bryggen with its lovely wooden houses and colourful quayside street life. There may be a good reason for not doing this.10jun18--Sea Dragon image uploaded today. : Skandi Kvitsøy is part of a new range of highly efficient Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) .