Start Weather australia widget not updating

Weather australia widget not updating

Other widgets I have update from the internet ok and I can surf the internet through a browser.

Hi All, Version 1.1 was released today, here is the change log. We finally have a reasonably good looking weather clock widget that gives us the correct weather information in Australia. Tapping the widget doesn't always open up the program either. Cheers JC Have now uninstalled and reinstalled and widgets back.

- NEW – Bo M Warnings- NEW – 4x2 Large Widget w/ Clock- NEW – 2x1 Small Widget- NEW – Landscape mode. Location specific short forecast and district long forecast- Added Chance of rain / amount and UV out to 7 days- Higher quality graphics for low-res devices- Data updates now happen in background- Improved scrolling and swipe between Details and Radar- Enlarged observations text and prevented wind speed being cut off- Fixed lots of bugs We are moving on to start development on a "Plus" app now that will include a lot of the requests so far and more. On the widget, it is saying "Tomorrow" even though the min/max temperature is for Today. Curiously when reinstalling widget last night time options include updating every 15 minutes whilst today that option isn't there. Hi All, Whilst it may seem that we haven't done exhaustive testing I can assure we have.

Actually I think thats what was just said in the post above by somebody... It would be nice if it could also show max and min temperatures for today – rather full detail of today's weather. One thing, I have my LCD density set to 167 (240 is default), and the radar stays very small, where other apps will expand accordingly..I guess that's something you can't really cater for... This app will block many apps/games from showing ads. A pro version may be nice if it will indeed have extra features (Not just no ads..cause as I said,there is a way to block them anyway).

Id=16105&product Id=100738&SMSESSION=NO running Android 2.1 weatherzone installed ok from the market but the widget just sits there saying "updating location, no forecast" I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, switched my phone on/off a couple of times and set the location both manually via postcode and let the app search for me via GPS.

We have launched a new free weather app from Weatherzone and thought the Android community here might be interested.

Data is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology and reviewed by our team of Meteorologists. If you could add a decent clock to it I would be interested in sticking it on my home screen.

We are still on track for an updated free app (new widgets, warnings and background refresh) in the next few weeks and a fully featured "Plus" app in a few months.

Look forward to it, and if the featured app is good, I wouldn't mind paying for it at all.

2x1 is more than enough for the actual data you show on that default widget. - Finally, while the little drawer on the details screen is cute, it's completely wasted space on my screen, since there's a big gap to let it expand out before you get the forecasts below. Deleted widget, went to add widget back and no weatherzone widgets to add? My large widget with clock wont update the current location – it is still showing my location from last night.

- As others have suggested, more widget sizes with more or less info would be nice. Either leave it fully expanded or get the elements below to reflow on expansion. If I load up either of the smaller widgets they detect where I am but the large one wont unless I delete it and replace it on the screen – but then it wont update locations after this no matter how many times I select 'current location' in the setup.

Good first start – and hey, it displays temps for me that Palmary Weather doesn't – but as others have pointed out, could do with some polishing.