Start Updating to windows xp pro

Updating to windows xp pro

Here’s the list with the minimum hardware requirements: If your PC meets the minimum hardware requirements, you’ll need to purchase a copy of the OS.

There is not a direct upgrade path for Windows Vista (or the much older Windows XP) to Windows 10, as such you’ll be doing a clean installation of the OS, which will wipe your computer clean, deleting your files, apps, and settings to start from scratch again.

Before moving forward with the upgrade, you want to make a backup of your files to an external drive, and make sure you have the installation files and product key to reinstall any software after the upgrade.

After Step 1 and Step 2, you can now upgrade Windows 10 from Home to Pro edition with either method offered below. Open Windows Store, log in with your Microsoft Account, click on your account icon and select Download and Updates; 2.

Select Store, click Update under Store; Wait for the Windows Store update process to complete. After the update, search Windows 10 in the search box and click on it; 4.

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Since Windows XP Service Pack 2 was published in July of 2002, a variety of software updates have become available to XP users.

You could also try to make a full backup of your system, but Windows XP or Windows Vista don’t feature a “reliable” backup tool.

However, you could try a third-party software, such as Macrium Reflect.

This page will provide you 2 free methods to guide you effectively upgrade Windows 10 from Home to Pro edition without formatting or losing any data.

Follow to get Windows 10 Pro install on your PC now.

Before you start Windows upgrade process, it's highly recommended for you to leave enough space in system C drive so to install new Windows 10 ISO image files.