Start Updating emule server list

Updating emule server list

The second number represents the amount of servers found with pieces of the file you are looking for.

not sure if this is a good or bad idea, but it works for me. If you enabled the auto-update option, the you will see that the server list will be updated and that you are instantly connected. For you to be able to find something on the Peer-to-Peer network, you will need to be connected.

You do not need to change those, the default settings will do just fine. Using the Preferences mentioned above, this should be done automatically.

e Mule can be downloaded from the e Mule project site: Installing e Mule After downloading the installer version of the latest version of e Mule, double click the EXE file. Notepad will ask if you want to save the changes, click "OK".

The first question will be in what language you wish to use the installer and e Mule and click OK; In the now appearing window, select the path you wish to install e Mule in; Usually one uses the default install path, but if you like, you can change it manually or click the "Browse..." button to browse to a location where you would like e Mule to be installed. Once the setup window has "" in the title, and in the text, and the "Close" button appears, THEN the setup has been completed. Preparing for first use - Adding the server list e Mule needs a server list, so it know where to look for files. Starting e Mule OK, so we added a server list, it's now time to start e Mule.

We are going to search in the Peer-To-Peer network.

So we limit this search to the "Search" part (left) of this screen.

Between brackets you see the amount of found results - in this case 150 files! Double click that file and it will be added to the "Transfer" page.

Downloading will start as soon as at least one users allows you to download. If you are done with your selection, you can either leave the results op, or right click the tab and click "Remove this search results".

Let's just take a random example, we want to look for some cool music hits of the Rolling Stones.

First click the search icon , now the search window appears; In this window we can enter characteristics of the file we are looking for.

Preferences Click on the "Preferences" icon , this window appears. Only the fields "Minimize to tray icon" which makes e Mule minimize to the systray (the window clock in the lower right corner), "Beep on errors" and "Bring to front on link click". This will associate e Mule with e Donkey 2000 links on the internet (for example on the Share Reactor website). This includes the "Auto-update serverlist at startup" option, this requires you to have an address for automatically downloading files as show in the chapter "Adding a Server list" (in the : Make sure the directories are on a disk with sufficient space! You also can set here the folder(s) you wish to share with other users.