Start Updating antique outboards

Updating antique outboards

Use only the factory recommended sparkplugs for your motor to avoid engine problems and to comply with EPA emission regulations.

Four-stroke Johnson and Evinrude outboards use Evinrude-Johnson Ultra 4-Stroke Oil® or an equivalent lubricant specified in the Operator’s Guide.

For more oil information, go to: , choose ONLINE STORE, click on PARTS.

My son and I went to Lake Pueblo in Colorado and the engine instantly started, warmed up nicely, and we spent the next 4 hours cruising all up and down the lake. You and your family should be very proud of this family business. Albert, I bought a 1957 35hp Johnson Javelin from you a few weeks ago, and just recently got it matched up and mounted to my antique 1956 Larson Falls Flyer boat that my Dad bought in 1960.

NOTE: a) Sparkplug cross-reference charts may not be accurate.

The engine runs great, and is a perfect match for my boat.

Click on the youtube link, and see how happy you helped make us.

All in all, you will have a hard time finding a nicer boat from this era! The motor is missing the lower unit, magneto, & fuel pumps. The motor is missing the lower unit, magneto, & fuel pumps.