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Trailer for internet dating

It still mostly relies on anecdotes told by (usually drunk) 20-somethings, which are then spliced up by the occasional expert commentary.

The only other worthwhile part to “Swiped” is where the film points out that no one knows if any of these addictive apps in helping people find real relationships.

Have you ever wanted to see one of your “hate-reads” stretched out to feature-film length?

If so, you’ll want to watch HBO’s new documentary, “Swiped,” which takes a depressing, trigger-inducing and damning look at online dating culture, and specifically Tinder’s outsized influence in the dating app business.

And success rates would seemingly be the exact kind of metric a company claiming to solve issues around relationship-finding would want to track.

Though everyone today seems to know someone who “met on an app,” it’s unclear what portion of the user base is actually finding long-term success with those relationships.

As for “Swiped’s” milieu, much of its action is in the city.

Specifically, scene after scene in the film is labeled, as if the experiences of people in this competitive and unique market – a place where leveling up to something better is a way of life – could somehow represent a universal truth applicable to all of Tinder’s estimated 50 million users.

– you end up playing the game more often, the psychologists explain. Of course, these are concerns that extend beyond the online dating app industry.