Start Template not updating dreamweaver

Template not updating dreamweaver

Hi, I'm trying to help a customer with a template she's been working on.

And in the EC folder there is a Templates folder specifically for their site. They make changes to their site, and then I upload them to our production server.

I don't want to save it in our web draft or root Templates folder. There are times when I will have to go into one of their sites and make a change for them.

All other sites would just be like you said..their own folder... If "root" has a site definition of its own, then yes..will have issues because the other site definitions are nested within root and the caches will be in conflict.

And these existing templates are for our main site. It has it's own folder, called EC, in our web draft and production folders. Each unit has their own site that lies on the web draft server.

I'm curious if anyone knows if I would need to map the site separately from the root in order to work with the template.

I can edit templates as long as they are in the main Templates folder..the one we use for our main in the root. Site1, Site2, etc..I cannot update child pages by editing the template.

Okay, I guess I'm confused because you said that this is what DW expects to see: Root Site 1 Templates Site 2 Templates Which is what we have, but also within the root is an as well as some other pages that belong to the root...along with a Templates folder in the root. Otherwise, the tree looks like this: Root Site 1 Templates Site 2 Templates Site 3 Templates and that will generate the errors.