Start Speed dating mobile application

Speed dating mobile application

Dating apps allow you to configure the settings for detecting other users by age, gender, and maximum distance.

Provide users with an easy-to-use, intuitive, and clear design. Let’s start by understanding the tech stack, which goes into it first.

Our development team has used AFNetworking and Facebook SDK libraries, REST API, Realm Database, and Socket TCP protocol to create one of the dating apps.

It allows users to access accounts on the go or before sleep swiping.

The dating app will definitely simplify the search for a soulmate.

Not only have we implemented the general design, but we also developed several animations that complement the general feel of the app.

This information should have satisfied your basic curiosity.

Drag out a spoken word till it sounds like singing.

You can build an app that fits all the requirements of various target audiences.

To provide you with this opportunity, dating apps use GPS information to show users nearby.

A mathematical algorithm matches users by finding related answers provided in an application form.

The matching feature helps to bring people together with minimal effort for both parties.