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Slovak dating america

The boundaries and etiquette are long gone and it’s up to you how you say “I love you” – “ľúbim ťa.” Our grandparents and their grandparents lived in a different world.

Once the families agreed upon marriage, the groom’s family visited the bride’s family where they set up the rules and agreed upon “terms and conditions.” Mostly they just divided money and property among the families. Once the money was divided it was finally time for the proper engagement.

The one that bloomed showed the name of the future Mr. A modern representation of the habit is to write names of 13 boys on 13 separate pieces of paper.

Then fold the papers and burn one of them every day (without looking at the names) until Christmas.

I can’t say that adultery or pre-marital sex didn’t happen, of course it did. But without ever present social media, cameras and smartphones, it was easier to keep it a secret.