Start Should dating become relationship

Should dating become relationship

So let’s rephrase the question as, when does dating go from a casual relationship to a more serious one?

That doesn’t mean you are committed, and it doesn’t mean it will ever develop into anything more.

It DOES however mean you are willing to give it a chance and see where it goes.

And really, that will mean different things to different people.

As I said above, I see the transition from dating to relationship happening when the nature of the relationship starts to include “we”.

Commitment isn’t all or nothing, it’s fairly fluid and can strengthen (or fade) over time.

Hell, you don’t need to look any further than any broken relationship or marriage to know that commitment is not binding.

If one person is hoping to find the love of their life while the other person is just looking for sex, someone will likely end up being hurt.

But often people aren’t up front about what they are looking for. I do think it’s important to understand (for yourself at least) what you are looking for.

Because I always thought that a shot at “we” was part of the goal for everyone. The chance to find that “someone”, who would be someone. Not everyone sees dating as something that could potentially develop into a relationship. For some (especially coming out of a long term relationship) dating IS the goal.

To find a person to share with, to build a love with that could last forever. They just want to meet different people, and feel attractive again.

That said, from talking about dating with different people who have “been there” a lot more than I have, I think that although dating is different, some of the ideas and issues I have around relationships still apply.