Start Saudi girls boys sex games

Saudi girls boys sex games

The country sent a male-only team to last year's Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea.

Saudi Arabia will allow adult women to obtain passports and travel without the permission of a male "guardian," the government has announced.

Decrees published in the official gazette on Friday state that any citizen above the age of 21 who applies for a passport should be issued one and that they do not need permission to travel.

DW spoke with four such women and human rights experts who suspect the Saudi Embassy's involvement.

() Dozens of countries, including all EU members, have delivered a stinging criticism of Saudi Arabia to the UN Human Rights Council.

The amendments are gender neutral and don't specifically mention women.

The new regulations also give women the right to register child birth, marriage or divorce, to be issued family documents and to be eligible as a guardian to children who are minors. The conservative kingdom has long been under international scrutiny for its policy requiring women to get permission from their male "guardians" — husband, father and other male relatives — to marry, travel and do many other things.

Saudi women refugees in Germany still living in fear Even with the new regulations, many restrictions will remain in force — the consent of a guardian will still be required if a woman wants to marry or leave a women's shelter.