Start Ruined castle dating 1215

Ruined castle dating 1215

Set in the North Sea marches, RICHBOROUGH CASTLE is the most symbolic site from Roman Britain and is where all modern roads begin. This huge complex of buildings is regarded as the oldest in England with buildings from all periods of history. Built in 1385 as both a luxurious home and for defence, the exterior is virtually complete.

From here, we visit the wonderful peaceful Northumberland coast before heading back to London via Warwick.

As there are so many castles and options available, the aim of this tour is to customise each day to either offer you something different or pick-up on a theme that interests you. As with all our tours the attractions you see will take account of your interests and can be adapted to what you want to see.

Owned by the same family for over 900 years, the main keep is spectacular and gives us a real picture of medieval life.

In 1215, the castle was held by rebel barons and King John seiged the castle, destroying one side by tunnelling beneath it. BODIAM CASTLE is perhaps, the best example of a moated medieval fortified manor.

73 miles long, it was built by the Romans, probably as a way of collecting taxes. Arguably the best is HOUSESTEADS, as the base for 800 soldiers it the most complete Roman fort in Britain. LINDISFARNE CASTLE is dramatically set on a rocky island accessible by a 3 mile causeway from the mainland.

Built by Elizabeth I, the castle was a ruin until transformed in the C19th to create a lovely Edwardian Home.

It is truly spectacular with unrivalled sequence of State Rooms.