Start Regina king on dating white men

Regina king on dating white men

But is Olivia really a bed wench just because she has some white men in her sexual past? Because the term “bed wench” implies that the woman in question is there against her will.

According to Wiktionary, the historical definition of a bed wench is “[a] low-status concubine, often a slave or captive.” The second definition is how the word has been turned into a slur against Black women.

“A Black woman who dates white people, often accused of seeking privileges.” For even more context, let’s turn to one of the internet’s favorite sources for information, Urban Dictionary.

First, there’s the infamous video of Evans helping Regina King up the stairs to collect her Oscar for her supporting role in Again, the same type of discourse occurred–many Black women being over the moon at Evans displaying joy at the sight of a woman as notable as Gurira and others calling said women bed wenches and white man apologists.

“[T]ypically, a term applied to females of African descent (but technically can be applied to all non-white women of all colors…) who gives herself to white men of high status sexually in exchange for privileges, promotions, etc.

"One lady won twice." Not long after Che's comment, King won for outstanding actress.

She was followed by wins for Darren Criss ("The Assassination of Gianni Versace"), who is half-Filipino, and Thandie Newton ("Westworld").

Don't like what I said👇🏿— Win Chuck (@Win Chuck1) May 3, 2019I tweeted this and now I’m an anti black mentally unstable coon with bedwenching tendencies and a hatred for black men.