Start Psp froze while updating

Psp froze while updating

It's possible you've maxed out the memory on your gadget, keeping it from functioning at full speed.

My guess is it will brick if I turn it off via the plug. I tried updating, it gave me an error, I assumed it was something silly like it couldn't connect (I've had this problem with wii shop before).

So I decided to try it again, the bar filled up about an eight of the way, then it has frozen there since last night.

This time it decided that my battery was sufficiently charged (and, yes, it was still plugged in too) and I got: Since I don’t have any UMD music, I can only assume that this is so Sony can sell UMD’s as an alternative to music CDs. Once the update is started you cannot go back to the previous version of the system software. Now it switches to “Installing…” and took approximately 90 seconds to install.

Finally, finally, we’re ready to restart the PSP: “Update completed.

Also, check your operating system -- it could be that you're running an old version that isn't compatible with some more recent programs or apps.

Depending on why your tablet is frozen, pressing the "Power" button -- sometimes called the "Sleep/Wake" button -- might turn it off.

How do I get the Network Update feature on my Sony PSP to work?

I’ve tried what Sony suggests but it never seems to like my wireless Wi-Fi connection, so I can’t ever get to the network to look for any sort of update!

Press the X button to restart.” And so, I press X and the unit restarts and appears to be fully functional and everything’s intact with the new, updated, system software.

Congrats to Sony for this process – once you figure it out, it’s a simple and elegant way to keep the software on your PSP fully up-to-date.

Some tablets give you the option to restart or shut down; if you have this choice, pick the option to shut down the tablet completely.