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Portugal dating with

Style and the Portuguese are not synonymous, but not antonyms.

Nature rewarded the Portuguese brides with good, taut skin and also strong, shiny and, as a rule, wavy hair.

The concept of caring for yourself before the start of professional life includes hand cream in the cold season, sun protection in summer, and hygienic lipstick in summer and winter.

Portuguese brides are slowness in everyday business.

For this reason, the schedule of many events is very flexible for them.

Such qualities as natural politeness and great restraint of behavior, especially in dealing with unfamiliar people, are also inherent in the average Portuguese women.

Such tactfulness is combined with a sincerely cordial attitude towards foreigners and a willingness to help in a difficult situation.

That is not about respectful ladies of retirement age, who are fine with skirts, but about young Portuguese.