Start Polyamory married and dating cast

Polyamory married and dating cast

• Kamala’s pod of lovers are part of an onstage Tantric theatre in southern California.

You might get the impression that polyamory is only an option for attractive people with great abs.

The sex scenes would probably be a great deal less appealing if the cast were more realistic but it does seem like a flat stomach and a great rear are entry requirements into the community.

It's a reality show with 15 episodes over 2 seasons.

Polyamory: Married & Dating is no longer running and has no plans to air new episodes or seasons.

is nearing its end and many people are wondering what effect the show will have on the public’s perception of the polyamorous lifestyle (for those who don’t know, polyamory is the term for people who maintain loving relationships with multiple partners).

may well have a positive effect, in that it gets people talking about a way of life that’s not familiar to many people.

However there are some problems with the show that also may limit the positive effect that it could have on building awareness of the polyamorous lifestyle.

Casting The casting of the show may limit the program’s ability to reach a wider audience.

Aren’t most polyamorous people regular humans with normal jobs and issues?

No one seems to worry about money, housing, custody issues, parenting issues or anything other than negotiating jealousy and sex.

Soft porn, however, is not often an agent of social change.