Start Pepa dating asian guy

Pepa dating asian guy

Could this gorgeous German supermodel and her handsome boyfriend Steven (a fashion photographer) make interracial dating between Asian men/non-Asian women a little more “en vogue”?

Gentlemen, also don’t allow black women to continue playing the stupid game of pretending that they don’t understand why there is so much resentment mounting against them from black men, they know exactly what they have done, are currently still doing and why as a result more black men are deciding to give them the middle finger.

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She’s 41 years old, has 2 children from 2 different men and has been ran through by thug Negroes.

Of course, when you read further into the article you’ll note how there were a few black women who came out of the woodwork and attempted to derail the flow of the conversation by introducing themselves as the exceptions to the rule, however in doing so they still confirmed what White and others stated as true.

Obviously, two of the main reasons why more black women simply don’t fess up to their love for thugs is because they want thinking black men to believe that they still have a chance with the sisterhood which really means they will be the fall back, it will have to do option when things go bad down Thug Broadway(which they will).

The other reason is good black men are the ones who have the resources that black women so desire, thus black women will attempt to keep good brothers within reach in order to syphon from them, however this technique is no longer working as there is currently a mass exodus taking place of thinking black men departing the shores of Blackistan looking for greener pastures.

This is what black women in their latter years cannot seem to understand, they cannot compete with women who are half their age and this is one of the many reasons why they attempt to practice what Obsidian Radio refers to as “dating market place socialism”.