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This goes to show two things: the manipulative power these criminals hold and the vulnerability of the victims they target.

Of all internet crimes in the US, romance scams account for the largest financial losses, totaling $230 million (~ GBP £172 million) in 2016. Last year in the UK, there were almost 4,000 victims of romance fraud scammed out of close to GBP £40 million (~ $54 million).

In Canada last year, 750 victims lost CAD $17 million (~ GBP £10 million).

In this post, we’ll describe the common tactics used by scammers, what to look out for, and how to avoid getting caught up in the scam.

Although the details vary, most online dating and romance scams follow a similar pattern. The would-be suitor makes contact and uses something in common to spark a friendship or romantic relationship.

The relationship ramps up quickly with scammers typically sending lots of messages throughout the day over a period of weeks or even months.

According to FBI Special Agent, Christine Benning, the majority of victims are women over 50.

Once they are sufficiently ‘groomed,’ the victim is tested.