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Nonbelievers dating

This appears to be clearly indicated in 1 Corinthians .

I think it is true that our young people date too young, and that many dating situations are unwise in that they create unnecessary temptations and, even if nothing wrong takes place, a couple’s actions may give the appearance of evil.

Many of the dating and personal relationship safeguards of years gone by seem to have been cast aside.

I suspect that this would be an inferential conclusion, and thus would have to be considered a matter of personal conviction, rather than as a clear biblical prohibition.

One could certainly ask, “If a Christian cannot marry an unbeliever, why would they ever date one? I think one can have a friendship relationship with an unbeliever of the opposite sex, without entering into a dating relationship.

You should want to be with someone and you deserve someone who will lead you spiritually and will honor your wishes, your purity and your relationship with Christ.

You don’t want to feel like you need to change the person to be happy.

It seems to me that one should not date anyone whom Proverbs tells us not to associate with, and that one should consider dating only those who possess the qualities of a good friend (or of a potential life’s mate).

This would not only exclude unbelievers, but it would also exclude many who profess to be believers as well.

At your age, you are probably not ready to date, let alone get married, and a young man your age is probably only immature and young.

Also, there’s a chance he may not be ready for a deep relationship with the Lord.

We want PI to be a safe place where you can ask questions. This week a PI Girl asked me about dating a nonbeliever and feels she needs to break it off with him because he’s not a believer. Generically speaking, if you are dating someone who is not a believer, it may be hard to pursue the things of God if your boyfriend is not spiritually on the same page.