Start My daughter is dating an atheist

My daughter is dating an atheist

theist and a strong atheist getting together and giving it it a go?

I am sorry this happened to you, I just hope someday something good comes out of this.

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My daughter’s fourth-grade year bought a slew of firsts.

I wanted it to work out so badly but sometimes it just doesn't.

I do think that it can possibly work out for people but a lot of times the lens that an atheist and a believer views the world through is just too different.

For example if he is sick, I will ask him if I can pray. He doesn't make fun of me for praying over the car before driving through a metropolitan area either. Better than my experience with this one atheist chick. I'm a Christian that fell in love with a girl that was an atheist and was/is my best friend.

It isn't always easy, but we both understand that if we each put the other person first, it will work for us. Standing outside together after a few drinks at a party and she notices the church across the way: She says "Ha, Christians are so fucking stupid how can they believe that shit."Me "Ha... In the end, the way we both viewed the world, was completely different from each other.

In the mean time I've asked for a bit of distance. Thank you, I've already put the love and lost quote in a reply to another post!

I'm away on a big trip to Asia soon so I'll have plenty of stuff to look forward to.

So if I need help with a project he has always been there. I hope and pray someday he and God develop a relationship, but I understand that as his wife I am unlikely to convert him.