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Minor dating laws in utah

The attorneys at Cordell & Cordell strongly opposed these bills and contacted all Senators with our position.

You go to the courthouse with the Petition for Divorce, Case Information Cover sheet, Summons, Proposed Parenting Plan, Child Support Obligation Worksheet, Certificate of Dissolution, and pay the clerk the filing fee for the action or your attorney can file the documents for you.

You can go to find the list of courts in each county.

Legally you cannot be married to more then one person at the same time.

Therefore, until your divorce decree is entered (no sooner then 91 days upon filing for divorce) you cannot remarry.

This last session of Congress there were several bills introduced, which would further define fault.

These bills however, did not have favorable language to fathers.

The easiest way to serve your spouse is to use a private process server, the sheriff’s department, or have anyone that is over 18 and not an interested party to the case give your spouse the documents.

However, any of the above methods do require an affidavit of service to be filed with the court.

One of the parties must have lived in the state and county for three months prior to the commencement of the proceedings.

Once the divorce is filed, you may relocate and Utah will still retain jurisdiction of your divorce proceeding.

We recommend that you consult with an attorney before making plans to relocate since it can have an effect on the proceedings and results you are seeking.