Start Minister dating

Minister dating

In this drama she can make sad scene , funny scene ... Hwaiting Yoona i pray you will have more offer like this drama ... Cos when you make comedy scene is NATURAL ( Not like Acting ) Sorry if ma bad english ;) Very nice drama.. i love the story and the casts espescially lee beom soo and im yoona.. So, i hope will coming the 2nd seasons, "president and i" which the main character is both of them ofcourse.. I watched this drama because my ultimate bias was here (Yoona). Albeit, I would have preferred one more lip smacking ; D If you are looking for drama with good development, amazing chemistry between leads, cuteness overload with kids and just a tad bit of hurt/suspense! I admit, I skipped episodes 14-16 (how'd that woman come back was beyond me, I really didn't like her character BUT I pitied her so I settled with ignoring her character). :) Love the beginning of the series funny, fluffy, light, heart warming family story. I thought the drama was great, acting was great, and everything in-between was great, except for the ending. This drama has ended February 4, 2014 so everyone will comment on it as a whole, beginning, middle, and the end. :) during PM's last day on official residence, da jeong said that she will never leave kwon yul if their fate crosses again!

Nam Nam Da-Jung (Yoona) is a reporter full of enthusiasm at work, but she always ends up missing big scoops. A fun, romantic comedy with bit of heart breaking moments. Yet when there are important thing going on, he has other job.

Nam Da-Jung comes to Kwon Yool and his three kids like a Christmas present. im yoona acting was so natural especially when she get sleep, haha... I think i'll watch it again later but exclude 3 last ep and imagine my own ending w/o death wife. This drama really pulls you in from start to finish. If you think back about what she said that next time she would put her hand out to him. If you want to know what the drama is about before you watch it, look under where it says PLOT.

I think the families of other countries too like that.) I am really expecting a happy ending for NDJ and PM. I know endings shouldn't always be spelled out BUT this was one of those dramas that needed a clear picture of what happened... Well, if they want to keep the episode 17 like that, than make 1 more episode that satisfied the viewer. Hello, I'd just like to say how much I LOVE this drama. to the people that claims that there is a huge gap of age, guys you have to remember that the characters are one thing and the actors other. I always do watch also in the dramas how people dress and what kind of fabrics are being used.

I am expecting that they will get married and live happily with the kids. I am so disappointed and I am expecting that they will kiss passionately because they really love each other. Explain how they should become a real couple and happily live with the kids. It has really made me happy and it is the first k-drama I'm into because I usually don't watch all episodes but this drama is very interesting and hilarious not to forget I literally love Yoona even more, she was my bias in SNSD and now she is just my Queen. WE ARE ALL HAPPY LEE BEOM-SOO & YOONA RECEIVED THE BEST COUPLE AWARD. Although the actors may age a huge gap of age not the important part to develop the story, the characters. But also the architecture of the buildings the traditional houses are very interesting.

Yoona needs to take up more roles like this because it really suits her. Definitely a great recommendation to romantic comedy lovers. as well as keeping all the sad things in mind is common for every lady. Remember what the father said: "They didn't start with love and got married..."... I think it will be 20 episode...but, it was just 17. I just so disappointed in ending, when they meet again just shake hand and the end. I really liked to used there motto "eat and run" hahahaa, I really loved Korean drama especially prime minister and I coz some of us Say's AGE doesn't matter if two person are really loving each other and SARANGHAE !!! @haters I would like to say "don't judge the book by its cover" And please don't write hurtful words to Yoona and other cast Coz they are also a person that can felt hurt. That action describe unconditional love and unselfishness. But it began to lag a little toward the end and then the final episode was extremely disappointing. I think it's yonna's best acting so far...Lee bum very good actor... so maybe I could hope for a well written part 2 of the story, don't you guys think? I like the story very much though I'm not familiar with other casts... unlike with other dramas you can predict the ending. I've watched until Ep 11, and what I have to say is this drama has something different.. There were many times when I was touched watching the scene between the children and Kwon Yul, also Dajung's father with the children.. That's just beautiful :') Not to mention, awkward moment between Yul and Dajung.. He is a serious man, and just like his age, I don't think too much 'passionate love' is suitable.

You will also fall in love with Im Yoona after watching this drama because that was exactly what had happened to me before. though i hate it now i think i also need to practice it. (something like that), so that means in the end: They are about to start it... I like all their acting, it's hilariously funny, but by later episodes, it's understandable that it went melodramatic, since that's where the climax is.. prime minister and i were so very fantastic movie...... I really love the story of Prime Minister and I...there were many times that I really got hooked to it coz the story was amazingly crazy though the ending was not that happy's kinda floating. I'm so satisfied from the beginning until the end, The characters were great, the script were so inspiring, the mood every scene was perfect for this drama. I agree to does people saying that the ending was not beautiful as we expect it.. I find this drama quite end was not disappointing for me,she promised d priminister dat when she returns she will hold his hand and never let go.thats exactly what happened in d end when they shaked hand to a new begining.i intend watching again and I recommend this drama.....anyways am yet to see a Korea drama without love triangle! In spite of the age differences I liked the chemistry between the leads but it seems like the writers did not have enough faith in the story or the direction the drama was going into at the start to actually see things through until the very end. :) and I love the way it was well put into a drama, it's like you're just watching your neighbor's fuss. Although I hate open ending for most dramas, I have to say its not the case for this drama.

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I like this drama so i watch this not for main roles.actually i watch this for yoon shi is my one and only crush.still im not finish watching the way this is soo much nice drama up to other dramas yoon shi yoon acting is superb.fighting!!! The drama really was really bright and heart-moving at the same time. The ending is good, and what I like the most is when she let Prime Minister to choose not to receive his proposal to marry her. I have watched both and I prefer Korean dramas by far. I love this drama, one of the best I have seen, tho I would of loved it if it were 20 or 25 episodes.. They could of shown them starting off a new life with some struggles along the way and ended with them being happy and having their first child together... Yeah, some would say it would need more romantic closure (kisses etc) but in one way, I like how it ended.

The romance chemistry was remarkable despite the big age gap. what i learn is that we can change our boyfriend or husband with our true love. So, in the end I hope Nam Da Jong will really married with Kwon Yool. #Ajojoa# Hoping for part 2, now I watch it two times and I am now episode 14.. She would like him to think and remake his decision to choose. No matter the gap age of the main role...yonna and Lee bum can build good chemistry...every scene always make me happy and sad... I rally love this drama, though the writer leave me hanging at the end... You can please all of the people some of the time, You can please some of the people all of the time, but You can not please all of the people all of the time. Even though we didn't expect the story to come up with this.. Anyone don't appreciate it but i really really appreciate it! For me, the way they write the storyline is spot on, especially in term of the PM character.

Park joonki got the happy ending even Inho's brother is alive again after long coma and NY as the bad mother got the happy ending , but the real lead couple which is DJ and KY got a flat ending ? I have always Love watching drama with Yoona in whatever drama she is in. Yoona fithing Lee Beom Soo fighting Yoon Si Yoon fighting ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait any more, I want new episode right now I liked this drama until it got to episode 8 which was when I found it boring.