Start Meta dll finished updating

Meta dll finished updating

To update a running app which uses a DLL, you have to write an installer that kills or ends the running exe, uninstall the exe including the DLL and then installs the new exe and dll.

L 04/22/2005 - : [META] Metamod v1.17.4 2005/02/20 L 04/22/2005 - : [META] by Will Day L 04/22/2005 - : [META] L 04/22/2005 - : [META] compiled: Feb 19 2005, 0100 (optimized) L 04/22/2005 - : [META] Recognized game 'ns'; using dllfile '' L 04/22/2005 - : [META] Game DLL for 'Natural Selection' loaded successfully L 04/22/2005 - : [META] ini: Begin reading plugins list: /home/pstraw/hlds_l/ns/addons/metamod/L 04/22/2005 - : [META] ini: Read plugin config for: L 04/22/2005 - : [META] ini: Finished reading plugins list: /home/pstraw/hlds_l/ns/addons/metamod/plugins.ini; Found 1 plugins to load L 04/22/2005 - : [META] dll: Loading plugins...

So after update has been finished and device rebooted then new DLL still reads the old settings.

What would be the correct procedure to avoid this kind of behaviour?

I've gotten everything installed and running properly except for Amxmodx.