Start Mentally hadicapped dating a normal person

Mentally hadicapped dating a normal person

I did once, it got really awkward when I tried to break up with her because she kept saying that I'd used her and she was going to tell everyone I was a freak but it was all nonsense, she didn't have a leg to stand on.

Do what makes you happy, not what makes other people happy.

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are different in some ways, and you may be unsure how to navigate these differences if you're not used to them.

My husband's sister hit me twice and pushed me once.

She needs a walker to walk around(knee problems I think). An object that will shame you if you are seen with "it".

She seems pretty interested in me but idk if I should pursue her. She's a woman dammit, a real person, with emotions. In my mind, what makes a man, is not how strong or tough he is, no, what makes a man, is if he treats women, like women, not objects.

And I mean in real life, not a Lifetime movie of the week.

Disabled man banned from having sex with male partner In a ruling described as “homophobic” and “a denial of the rights of disabled people”, a 41-year-old man has been barred from having sex with another man until he has a better grasp of the health implications of his act. He's thinking of marrying a woman he likes with the same condition.

and if they had anything negative to say about it they wouldn't be my friend to begin with.