Start Maryland state laws on dating

Maryland state laws on dating

We provide this customized calculator that determines the interest due on a security deposit by allowing a user to enter a start date (the date on which the security deposit was given to the landlord), a tenancy end date, the county in which the residence is located, and the amount of the security deposit.

Abated by Death -- The disposition of a charge due to death of the defendant.

Absconding Debtor -- A person who leaves a jurisdiction purposefully to avoid legal process.

Appellant -- The party who takes an appeal from one court to another.

Appellate Court -- A court having jurisdiction to review the judgment or order of a lower court.

Attorney of Record -- An attorney who represents a party and has entered an appearance in an action.

(See: Counsel) B Bail -- A sum of money or other form of security given to the court in exchange for the release of the accused from custody and to guarantee that the accused will appear in court.

Accommodations - Assistance with special needs and interpreters.