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Now imagine that place really existed.”Scenes from the programme are then shown as Leila and Tess meet and the former questions her strange new friend about the virtual world.

Dear Hottie Anders, My parents dragged me to the beach this summer against my will. It was a really cute story of forbidden love between Anders and his best friends annoying younger sister. Ander's doesn't promise anything more but Giselle will hold out hope for her HEA.

However the stage is set for Unfortunately I read this novella after reading Marry Me but it was still good to go back and discover how Giselle and Anders love story first started.

Kiss Me First was in development for a couple of years before it finally made it to the small screen and has been produced by the programme makers behind Skins.

This funny and touching film touches on relevant topics in today's society including sexual monogamy, Serodiscordant relationships and can someone really have it all?

While the main plot evolved around dating, I really enjoyed the friendship between the main character (Ben) and his straight best friend/workout buddy (Vinnie).

There were a couple of brief sex scenes that may surprise (shock, delight, etc.) some viewers, but for the most part this film focuses on the importance of friendships and the challenges of dating in the gay world.

A plot synopsis for the upcoming programme reads: “Kiss Me First moves between the real and virtual animated worlds.“When Leila (played Tallulah Haddon) stumbles across Red Pill, a secret paradise, hidden on the edges of her favourite game, she meets Tess (Simona Brown).“Tess is everything that Leila is not: hedonistic, impulsive and insatiable.