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A one-page police report about a 16-year-old incident from a tainted source in an investigation marred by blatant police and prosecutorial misconduct.

But Mc Queary himself was shocked when he read the grand jury report.

He emailed the prosecutors, saying they had “twisted” his words.

An incident that happened three years before the infamous 2001 Mike Mc Queary shower incident, where Mc Queary, according to the state attorney general's indictment, supposedly saw Sandusky anally raping another 10-year-old boy in the showers.

Even though Mc Queary later admitted what the attorney general wrote wasn't true.

Let's get to Ganim's new evidence and lay out why the source of it is tainted, as well as the product of an investigation marked by blatant police and prosecutorial misconduct.

The one page Pennsylvania state police report from 2011, supposedly obtained from a source, Ganim wrote, is "described here for the first time." The report "lays out an account from whistleblower Mike Mc Queary," who was telling Paterno about the infamous shower incident from 2001 starring a naked Jerry Sandusky and a 10-year-old boy.

As a special agent for the Federal Investigative Service, Snedden investigated former Penn State President Graham Spanier in 2012, to determine whether his top secret security clearance should be renewed by the federal government.

Snedden wrote a recently declassified 110-page report that concluded there was no sex crime at Penn State and no coverup.

”I cannot say 1,000 percent sure that it was sodomy,” Mc Queary wrote.

“I did not see insertion.”stone-cold proof of police misconduct on tape.

for Big On Saturday, when the Nittany Lions were defeating the Pittsburgh Panthers 33-14 to go 2-0 on a promising young football season, Sara Ganim of CNN posted a blast from Penn State's nightmarish past -- a big scoop that supposedly further tarred and feathered the ghost of the late Joe Paterno.