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Internet dating sucks

Then, right as when you put your tray down and start unpeeling the paper wrapper of your juicy beef burger, she goes ahead and grabs your freshly fried, sea salt fries. You get back from work, and you see your clothes neatly folded up in your closet instead of being piled up on “the chair”. ”See, the past six months haven’t been done entirely from the goodness of her heart. But, occasionally, you meet women who like to go “old school”. So how about you put on an apron and I’ll pay for the food once you make it! You can’t pick the old school values that end up working out for you and ignore the rest.

Now, say you got lucky, found a decent enough woman, and ended up moving past a situationship towards a relationship. In the beginning, relationships tend to be constant a power struggle between the man and the woman.

You pat yourself on the back as you celebrate all the hard work you put into wooing this lady. And, nobody tends to suspect anything because both parties are too busy putting each other’s best foot forward. You ask her where she wants to eat, and she replies that she doesn’t know. But, I’ve learned that the reason why this happens could be one of three things:1.

It puts you in contact with people you would otherwise never be in a situation to meet if not for the Internet.