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Please remember that students must purchase their books each semester from the book store.

Typical Length of Study: The typical length of study for a full-time, first-time, first-year student persisting to a degree is approximately four years.

Average Student Debt: The average student loan debt upon graduation is $45,076.

This mandatory, semester-based fee is required of all students and cannot be waived. **The total cost for resident students is based on 14 meals per week and a standard multiple occupancy room.

The plan including 17 meals per week would increase the cost by $720.

Students should also expect to incur indirect costs such as costs for books and supplies.

Direct costs appear on a student’s bill, while indirect costs vary according to individual needs.

The combination of your direct and indirect costs equals your cost of attendance.

The direct costs shown below are actual expenses for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The 10 meals per week plan would decrease the total cost by $1,630.

A single occupancy room would increase the total cost by $2,400. ***PAL Fee (if applicable) is $7,140 (credit bearing) and $6,980 (non-credit bearing) additional to the full-time tuition rate noted above and $3,760 for supportive PAL Comprehensive Fee The Comprehensive Fee allows the College to offer a variety of co-curricular, co-academic and support services to full-time traditional students to enhance their academic and student life experiences while enrolled at Curry.

**This allowance is for non-resident living expense.