Start Hot chat direct edates

Hot chat direct edates

To generate the chat link for a specific group, go to Settings → Channels → Chat link and select the desired group from the dropdown menu in the upper-left corner of your screen.

From now on, the link to your chat will be added to all emails you sent.

At other times, customers need to share their personal details and since Twitter is public, it’s not a good place for that.

On such occasions, you should share your chat link to take the case off Twitter.

When you need customer’s private details or the case turns out to be complicated it’s better to move away from Facebook. Just paste it into your comment and ask the customer to reach you there.

You can also post your chat link directly from the Live Chat agent app.

Share your chat link on Twitter to solve issues and answer customer questions right from there.

Let your customers know about your chat and give them a way to contact you quickly and easily.

Next, click the chain-link icon in the toolbar above the signature input box.