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Gta iv dating kate

And, she's been lying this whole game--her name isn't even Michelle, and I'm sure as hell it ain't Karen either.

Niko Bellic comes to Liberty City, America to live the good life, but ends up having to assist his dangerously indebted cousin Roman with his financial troubles, by any (mostly illegal) means necessary.

When Billy Grey returns from rehab hell-bent on bloodshed and debauchery, Johnny Klebitz finds himself in the middle of a vicious turf war with rival gangs for control of a city torn apart by violence and corruption.

According to the LCPD online database, Little Jacob's full name is Jacob Hughes, Real Badman's given name is Teafore Maxwell-Davies, and Playboy X's given name is Trey Stewart. -Video Editor -Independence FM -The clothing available at Perseus has new and altered suits.

See more » Perfection, or the closest thing possible is achieved with GTA IV.

The dialogue is truly impressive, I believe that this game could compete with some of the best films around.

Some people say that the cut-scenes have errors and other minuscule details are slightly askew, but truthfully if they are looking that close for errors they are missing the grand picture.

I think that was the idea behind Michelle; make you get close to the character, invest some interest in her, then have her stab you in the back.

Of course, Rockstar could have done that better than they did, allowing you to bone her on the first date and all.

She has enough to worry about without adding another criminal degenerate to her list.

However, after spending time with Niko Bellic, Kate begins to realize that sometimes she'd rather listen to her heart than her personal ideologies.

Every aspect of the game is as detailed as possible and it is easily the best game ever made respective of the technological possibility.