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In November 2018, Ori came out with yet another eye-catching invention — the world’s first standalone walk-in closet.

The company’s ingeniously efficient and eye-catching furniture speaks to the care that’s put into every detail.

“This product was more versatile, providing much-needed storage in all types of spaces across the country,” Becky explained.

“It opens at the touch of a button for you to access the storage when you need it, and effortlessly closes to stay compact and organized when you don’t.” As a youth-driven startup, Ori has never shied away from new ideas and never-before-seen products.

“Our team at Ori brings a wide range of experience and passion to the table,” Becky said.

“The team is made up of passionate, intrepid, and humble individuals whose shared vision is to create an abundance of space in the world.” While Ori began as a solution for urban areas, the team has been pleased to see it take off in suburban towns as well.

Professor Kent Larson and Media Lab Researcher Hasier Larrea challenged students to come up with ways to use technology to make a 200-square-foot space feel larger and more comfortable.

This team recognized that millions of people would move into big cities in the next 15 years, and urban spaces needed to adapt to accommodate such a massive influx.

They saw a need for more efficient space-saving solutions in major cities, so they designed futuristic furniture that could move on command and empower city residents to “live large in a small footprint.” The project was originally called City Home.