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Friends scottish dating find scottish singles

If you're searching for a Scottish woman for dating and possibly marriage then you've reached the right site.

I’m not complaining nor am I making any judgements on either culture; I’m just trying to understand British men (ugh) and assimilate to the Scottish ways – without turning into a slag. I’ve linked to this Leah Mc Laren article about British men before and even though she received a lot of harsh criticism for it, I think she is generally right.

I’m not the only North American woman to come to this conclusion either.

As Fife, so North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire.

A marriage to a Scottish woman made just on the basis of an idea that a Scoottish woman would make a good wife could be doomed to failure.

My friend and I – although sober – went totally NUTS on the dance floor and ** had fun.

We did not take ourselves seriously at all while it seemed like everyone else was.

For example, this past Saturday my English friend and I went to a club in the West end.