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Ebook on dating

Honest and practical, it challenges cultural assumptions about relationships and provides solid, biblical alternatives to society's norm.

It is also sprinkled with zippy illustrations and unusually helpful quotations throughout.

While this book does not promise eternal love for readers, both single women looking for that perfect catch and those seeking to recapture the romance of an existing relationship will find great value here.

It's simple and verified to be working by many buyers.

It's in PDF format and can be accessed with any mobile phone, tablet, i Pads or laptop/computer.

Click on the "more info" button to download your Talk Like A Winner! Today's single woman has the majority of her dating frustrations and disappointments explained to her with the trendy phrase: He's really not that into you.

But with a more proactive and positive perspective, Dating Rocks!

It allows to put a multimedia content into the ebook.