Start Dubya dad and dating part 1

Dubya dad and dating part 1

Later, George replies to instant messages on Carmen's computer, pretending to be her.

He meets the man (whose picture bears a striking resemblance to George) who turns out to be gay with his partner Charles (John Michael Higgins), and invites him over for Thanksgiving dinner.

However, Benny tells George that they never had sex, and that he is not the real father.

Cecelia later visits the Lopez residence and gives George a picture of Manny holding him. Needles – off a homeless man because the dog needs veterinary help.

Carmen has what George calls "jungle pits" and hairy legs.

After accidentally meeting a single mother who believes that Max is his son, Ernie decides to use Max to meet women.

After learning Benny had a one-night stand with a co-worker, Lalo (Cheech Marin), 35 years ago, George believes him to his real father.

Meanwhile, the Powers brothers want George to fire Reggie. When Max's baseball coach asks George to have Max sit out the next game because he does not think Max is good enough for the team, George tries to help Max get better at baseball, but fails to as he is no better at baseball either. Needles get hold of George's autographed baseball and he chews it up.