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Dirk johnson willits dating

as an Adult Educator Including the Teaching of Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation, Rozelia Maria Kennedy Link ABo VE: AVHRR-Derived Forest Fire Burned Area-Hot Spots, Alaska and Canada, 1989-2000, Ruiliang Pu, Z.

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Dodge, Charles Birkeland, Marea Hatziolos, Joan Kleypas, Stephen R. Causey, and Francis Staub Link A Case Study of the Enactment of Proof Tasks in High School Geometry, Ruthmae Sears Link A Categorical Comparison between User-Supplied Tags and Web Search Queries for Images, Eun Kyung Chung and Jung Won Yoon Link Accelerating Reflexivity? Weisberg, Alexander Barth, Aida Alvera-Azcarate, and Lianyuan Zheng A Cost Benefit Analysis of Using a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Represented by a Unit Commitment Model, Nemanja Mihailovic Link A Course in Geological-Mathematical Problem Solving, H. Vacher Acquisition of a 3 Min, Two-Dimensional Glacier Velocity Field with Terrestrial Radar Interferometry, Denis Voytenko, Timothy H. Jaeger, Ursula Gorham, Natalie Greene Taylor, Lindsay C.

Sheffield Link A Call to Action for Coral Reefs, Richard E. Vacher Link A Coordinated Coastal Ocean Observing and Modeling System for the West Florida Continental Shelf, Robert H. Rains, Nina Wurzburger, and Caroline Bledsoe Link A Critical Examination of the “White Victim Effect” and Death Penalty Decision-Making from a Propensity Score Matching Approach: The North Carolina Experience, Wesley G. Jaeger, Ursula Gorham, Natalie Greene Taylor, and Karen Kettnich Link Aftermath, Part 2: Despite the Way It May Seem, All Is Not Lost for Libraries and Librarianship, Paul T. Fogel Link Agent-Based Simulation of Muscovy Duck Movements Using Observed Habitat Transition and Distance Frequencies, James A.

Islam An Analysis of the Self-Perceptions of Women Leaders in Higher Education, Angela Mclendon Link An Animated Explanation of Mantle Melting Aimed at Upper Division Undergraduates, Lochlan Vaughn, Jeffrey G. Pearce An Assessment of Public Transportation Markets Using NHTS Data, CUTR Link A National Glider Network for Sustained Observation of the Coastal Ocean, Daniel L. Islam Link An Exploratory Analysis on Unsuccessful Image Searches, Eun Kyung Chung and Jung Won Yoon Link An Identification of the Image Retrieval Domain from the Perspective of Library and Information Science with Author Co-citation and Author Bibliographic Coupling Analyses, Jung Won Yoon, Eun Kyung Chung, and Jihye Byun Po by Alpha Spectrometry in Sediments Samples from Danube Delta, Robert Cs. Lavallin Link An Investigation of the Tropical Cyclogenesis of Arlene (2005) Using ERA-Interim Reanalysis and the WRF Model Simulation, Jinwoong Yoo, Jennifer Collins, and Robert V. Luther Link A Numerical Simulation of Residual Circulation in Tampa Bay.

Weisberg dynamics on mitochondrial function in health and disease, Patrick Toglia Link An Analysis of Injury Outcomes of Crashes Involving Large Trucks by Time of Day in Urban Areas in Texas, Salvador Hernandez and Mouyid B. Fogel Link An Examination of How Teachers Use Curriculum Materials for the Teaching of Proof in High School Geometry, Ruthmae Sears An Exploration of Triangulation of Methodologies: Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology Fusion in an Investigation of Perceptions of Transit Safety, CUTR Link An Exploratory Analysis on Fatalities of Roadway Departure Crashes, Mouyid B. Walter, Keith Nicholls, and Denise Holland An Investigation of Habitat Suitability Factors and their Interactions for Predicting Gopher Tortoise Habitat, Abigail V. Karnes and Elizabeth Shaunessy Link Applicability of Planktonic Biomanipulation for Managing Eutrophication in the Subtropics, Thomas L. Beaver Application of a Floating Membrane Algal Photobioreactor for Freshwater Aquaculture, Hsiang-Yang Shyu Link Application of a Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Real-Time, High-Density Quantitative Analysis of Drilled Igneous Rocks and Sediments During IODP Expedition 352, Jeffrey G.

Chubin Link A Novel Anomaly Detection Method Incorporating Target Information derived from Hyperspectral Imagery, Qiandong Guo, Ruiliang Pu, Lianru Gao, and Bing Zhang Anticipatory Motivation for Drinking Alcohol: An In-Vivo Study, Bryan Benitez Link A Numerical Analysis of Landfall of the 1979 Red Tide of Karenia Brevis along the West Coast of Florida, John J.

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Palacios Link Algal Remains in Minnesota Lake Types: A Comparison of Modern and Late-Glacial Distributions, Thomas L. Dixon, Shimon Wdowinski, and Rocco Malservisi Link AMIA Board White Paper: AMIA 2017 Core Competencies for Applied Health Informatics Education at the Master's Degree Level, Annette L.