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All of this is imbecillic in hindsight, but these people do, in fact, prey upon the many lonely men (and women) out there who now find themselves cut off from community when Main Street was paved over into a shopping mall.

Linda has web pages on both myspace, datingforrichpeople and mylot. On the rich people dating site, she listed herself (with same photos) as a Hispanic. It's just too coincidental that I would find both of them listed on the same dating site, and both of them are listed as being from Auburn, WA.

Linda was able to think on her feet, although rather slowly. Next day, the phone can't be fixed and she can't afford one.

By the end of our chat session, Linda was in madly in love with me.

During the course of many online chats, Linda explained that she grew up in Poland and only recently immigrated to the United States.

I got the distinct impression that "she" was conducting more than one chat at the same time. When I suggested that I would call her at a pay phone or a friends house, she said she couldn't.

After several days of chatting, I became suspicious because of her constant proclamations of love. I was able to press her on her background, but she was probably using Wikipedia to find out what she needed on Poland as I was. Her long pauses between messages, poor grammar and language usuage at times, prompted me to tell her I needed to talk on the telephone. She also started throwing "You don't love me" barbs.

There are also a large contingent of romance scammers from Easter Europe (referred to as "Vlads" rather than "Lads").