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I believe teenagers and young adults can and should be in a safe, enjoyable relationship.

It is not okay for your partner to talk you into doing something you don’t want to do or you know isn’t right.

I refer to this as “mental manipulation.” In some cases, mental manipulation can be as bad or even worse than physical abuse.

Really get to know the person, Always go with your gut, Don’t let your partner take advantage of you, Be honest, trustworthy, and have forgiveness,and find a connection!

He would tell me to go against what my parents said or the rules they asked me to follow by using the logic of I used to do whatever my boyfriend told me to do or take all of his advice because I didn’t want to upset him. And the reality is that when the conflict is around doing something that goes against what your parents have taught you or a rule they are asking you to follow, your parents are usually right.

Friends, classmates, and other people may know things about that person that he or she isn’t showing you when they’re trying to put their best selves forward.

It is very important to be able to distinguish between what you As teenagers, we should really be asking ourselves if we can see ourselves spending the next couple of months with this person.

We had become very close friends by that time and I thought to myself, I was wrong. Unfortunately, he only showed his good side in front of me.