Start Dating yoga woman

Dating yoga woman

For this reason, she’ll be happy going on any kind of date with you and won’t have too high of expectations. Bonus points for her keen ability to sync her breath with yours.

Confidence is sexy on everyone, regardless of gender.

She wears easy clothing, strives for balance and is flexible when things change.

Yoga girls are perfectly content doing something as simple as sitting in a room, breathing with their eyes closed. If you’re into doing it with the lights off, then this girl definitely won’t protest (although, with her toned yogi body, you might want to consider leaving them on), as she’s no stranger to working out in the dark.

I initially went to yoga because I though it was the ~trendy~ thing to do (and let’s be real, I absolutely hate the treadmill and ellipticals are stupid to me).

Little did I know that it would become a huge staple in my life, a constant in my weekly routine and an appropriate reason to buy tons of yoga pants.

Relationships are about compromise, and yogis know just how much to give and take.

We won’t give up on you We’re pretty damn determined and always say ‘yes’ to a challenge.

Aside from being able to physically uphold her body weight (headstands, anyone? She’s able to focus and rely on herself for emotional support, which yoga helps her to achieve.