Start Dating someone different from you

Dating someone different from you

Take the famous 1995 experiment, for example: a group of women smelled the sweaty T-shirts of men, claiming to be more attracted to the scent of men who were genetically dissimilar to them.

The spice is the hook that gets you interested and ignites the attraction. Sometimes long term couples have the habit of evolving into the same person.

Don’t ignore or dismiss it just because they’re different, as different can be what you have been waiting for! Influences rub off and before you know it, the once dynamic couple are the same person. However this transformation is usually subconscious. When you date a new person, don’t start by finding someone who is exactly like you and assuming that it’ll work.

You get to see and be you all day long, so dating a version of yourself will become fast become boring.

Explore new people who are less predictable and have something that you don’t as that’s more fun! If you’re committed to finding a relationship where you can grow together, having someone who actually makes you think is the way to go!

Having someone so different to you and accepting that, doesn’t make you want to change them or mould them into something they’re not or vice versa.

You have the freedom to fall in love with whoever they are without trying to ‘fix’ them because they’re idiosyncrasies are the best part of them!

We can date our opposites all day long and never find a decent partner. They might come from a different planet, as long as we both orbit the same sun.