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The traditional “X” bracing allows the top to vibrate while also providing excellent stability, giving the SE TX20E a punch that can stand alone beautifully or cut through the mix in ensemble playing.

In fact, Smith had to build 4 different custom signature guitars before Santana agreed to endorse them in the mid-1990‘s.

have a similar history of incredible tone, reliable performance and incredible playability.

PRS acoustics come in two basic body shapes -- the Angelus Cutaway and the Tonare Grand.

When matched with the PRS Hybrid“X” - Classical bracing, the top is allowed to vibrate freely and project, giving the the SE A55E a deep, wide open character that is not usually found in an acoustic with maple back and sides.

The traditional X bracing allows the top to resonate really well, giving the voice stability and a characteristic punch.

The Hybrid is a combination of an X soundhole bracing with a classical ‘fan’ bracing, which ‘locks down’ the guitar’s back and sides, allowing it to project through the top with a unique voice.: The tonewoods chosen for the back and sides of an acoustic guitar help determine the guitar’s overall sound.

The result is an affordable guitar with a powerful voice for players who demand a rock-solid reliability from their instruments.brings classic PRS playability and reliability to left-handed players around the world.