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We are not online dating, but a highly personal matchmaking agency with ladies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hundreds of ethnically diverse men are finding success through A Foreign Affair.

In this show host John Adams discusses the opportunities and any challenges ethnically diverse men may face while seeking a foreign bride.

The women at the socials were much more interested in what the men were like, the way they acted, what they said, and who they were, than simply the color of their skin.

We see quite a bit of interracial dating and interracial marriages with our Latin and Asian tours.

You will find out how the foreign women themselves feel about this and hear from men who have experienced this first hand and had success.

Watch a LIVE video feed from one of our foreign offices.

As a matter of fact, if anything an African American man in Russia or the Ukraine may even have a slight advantage due to his race because many of the women have not had much interaction with African Americans and find it very interesting to simply converse with them.