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Dating nightmare

Game over, date finished, we went and sat on her couch for an hour and then I went home. I took a girl who I really liked on a first date to the movies.

However, one Milk Dud was more difficult to chew than the rest.

I popped this particular one to the back of my mouth, and the caramel core decided to latch itself onto one of my molars.

The molar wasn’t even loose, it just got pulled out!

It’s strange enough going on dates when you’re that young.

We were chatting away and the topic of daydreaming came up. His eyes then get a bit dark and his voice gets low as he says, “When I daydream, I imagine the light leaving my enemy’s eyes.” By this point I was a few beers in and didn’t know what to say. ” He looks away, ponders for a second and says, “Harpoon.” The rest of the date was spent with him talking to me about his extensive anger issues and how he still lives and sleeps with his ex.

Heck, he had just slept with her before he came to meet up with me. , (the 20th anniversary release in 1998) and we had a lot of time to end before the movie started. I love both of them, so together, they should be amazing! I waited for them to melt, then chomped down and ate them.

This dude escaped out the back and she went searching for him. I had to “excuse myself” so I could hide out in the bathroom and write down as much of the crazy things this woman was saying before I forgot. I suppose “interesting” was one word I could use to describe him.